Full cast (In order of appearance)

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William Huxley..A child
Laura Huxley..Mother of William
Aubrey Harding..Mayor of Queen’s View
Sr. Immaculata Mullane..A nun from the local convent
Aldous Huxley..Father of William Huxley
Moe Moe..Owner of ”Moe’s Tavern”
Tree 2..Tree 2
”Honest” Joe Thiever..A locksmith
Doctor Proctor.. The local doctor
Nurse Terse.. his assistant
Colin Murphy..A town guard, and son of Harald ”No
Feet” Murphy
Brendan Buckley..A man, living in Queens View
Sr. Mary Moustache..A nun from the local convent
Sr. Mary Beard..A nun from the local convent
Lenin Buckley..A brother of Brendan
Lisa Buckley..A child
Dr. Jerome K. Trindle, BSc PhD..An inventor
Iok Sotot.. Nephew of Seth, the Devil
Dangsten Blackheart.. The reincarnation of Dan Gsten
Dicey ”Fortycoats” O Reilly.. A smuggler
Maria Eva Ibarguren Duarte.. A woman living outside Queens View
Daddy Pearce.. Leader of the Pearce Gang
Pearse Pearce.. A member of the Pearce Gang
Pearse Pearce.. A member of the Pearce Gang
Parson Nathaniel.. The local cleric from Vespers Eye.
Alfred Lookoutbehindyer.. Butler to Mr. Black.
Cindy Tiger.. Maid to Mr. Black.
Mr. Black.. A man living outside Vespers Eye
Col. Joe Nunpar.. Self-styled military leader of Queens View
Captain Darling.. A member of the G of U
Bruce Teng-Fu Wong.. A passenger on the Hamstrain
Anthea.. Head of dancing on the Hamstrain
Sophia Sogood.. A passenger on the Hamstrain
Slim Pickings.. A passenger on the Hamstrain
Dr. Zigue ”Ziggy” Zigazigar.. A psychiatrist on the Hamstrain
Great Western.. The owner of the Hamstrain
Fr. Joesph Jacob..A priest living outside Queens View
Smiler McCabe..A Farmer
Marasmus Bane..A chemist.
Caiphas..A High Priest of Fire’s End.
Annas..A High Priest of Fire’s End.
Luke..Scribes for Jeromitus Cristus
Jezebel..Women of Jeromitus Cristus
Irving Washington.. A famous cheese collector
Ethan Rib.. A mouse
Alberto Bertone
Alberti Bertone
Carlos Bertone.. Members of the Bertone family
Gianluca Bertone
Feather Lyte
Cherysh St. John-Smythe.. Ladies of the night
Martini McMartin-Martin
Who is this?.. A suspected murderer
Coachman.. Implicated in the Hallbridges murders
Tom Braider.. Chief Inspector of Hallbridges
Wilbur Spleen..A butcher
Clara Loft.. Runs ”Ma Stubb’s Beer and Bed
Richard A. ”Lofty” Loft.. Runs ”Ma Stubb’s Beer and Bed House”
Robert Graves..An undertaker working in Hallbridges
Morris Desmond..The local mechanic in Hallbridges
Wolfgang Arturus..A gentleman
Orla Honey..Living in the Brown/Black House
Yvette Souffle..Maid working in the Brown/Black House
Brandy..Living in the Brown/Black house.
Laramie Channing-Gioberti-Cumson-Agretti..Living in the Brown/Black house.
Captain Patch..Captain of the Rubber Rita
Willing Piker..First officer of the Rubber Rita
Beta..On board the Rubber Rita
Doyouwanna Tryhard..Ship’s Counsellor of the Rubber Rita
Torville Dean..Found floating in the sea
Reckless Dundee..A castaway
Gary..The new leader of the party
Olivia Apron..A housewife
Manfred Mann..A hippy
Argy Bargy..A henchman
Johnny The Snitch..An informant
Duane Mateo-Cudgel.. Owner of the Fine And Relaxing Tavern
Jenny Jessy Winfrey.. A Daytime Talk Show Host
Spandrel Whigow.. A dwarf employed as a siren in Cointreau
Vincent Van Cough..A Prisoner
Ricky Nickett..A Jailer
Kenny Who?
Kenny What?
Kenny Where?..Freelance Torturers
Kenny Why?
Sven Goring..An Adventurer
Peter Deadpan..An Adventurer
Bumch Um..Popcorn Seller in the Under City
Dirty Betty..Bar owner in the Under City
Dobbin..A man seeking revenge
Rourke..Ally of Pestilence Sotot
Tom Sellsick..A man, searching for a map
Terry McHard..Arthur’s Minder
Buddy Clampett..A farmer living near the Under City
Pestilence Sotot..Ruler of the Under City
Benson Hedges..Butler working for Pestilence
Frank Duster..Maid living in Hysteria
Tom Smooth..Working in a cocktail bar
Golgotha Smarm..Chief Undertaker of the Triple Rock Church in Hysteria
Reverend Cleophus Brown..Reverend of the Triple Rock Church in Hysteria
Darius..A man, in Cointreau
Wadsworth..A butler
Mr. Boddy..A guest at Hill House
Mason Storm..Associate of Mr. Boddy
Scary Mary..A puppet
Contagion Sotot..Brother of Pestilence
Scarier Mary..A puppet
Milicent Fluff..A good fairy
Cocan..An adventurer
Marcus Werner..A man, in Newport
Toombalah Umfalah..King of Maboobahboobah
Vasco de Sao Nuno Gomes..

Duncan Conor MacLeod..Members of the ”Roving Band of Racial
Fenton Braser
Father Fonz..The coolest priest in Hysteria
Slug..A bass player
Strahd..A keyboard player
Mortice..A guitar player
Animal..A drummer
Gnarlbert Gneinstein..A clown
Timmy Twocoats..Apprentice Ring leader
Batard Non Drole..Clown
B.T. Parnum.. Owner of B.T. Parnum’s World of Wonders.
Brick..The Strongest Man in the World
Gillton Menn..Warden of the Jail in Hysteria
Justin Case..A lawyer
Mei Ling Cheng..A warrior
Potiphar..Owner of a slave galley
Beard..A pirate
Bulbous..An escaped slave
Reginald Channing-Gioberti-Cumson-Agretti III..Prisoner in the Brown/Black house
Matty Feeler..Host of StarSearch(TM)
Nurse Herpes..A psychiatric nurse in Caplan
Mister Jones..A porter in Caplan
Esther Greenwood..A patient in Caplan
Mr. Bland..A porter in Caplan
Dr. Puke..A doctor in Caplan
Zug..A barbarian
Faetan Jarl..A wandering fighter
Fr. Gougal McDire..A priest in Queens View
Aramis D’Artagnan..An adventurer
Booger Poindexter..An actor
Dick Dirty
Vic Sweet..An actor, portraying Clint
Heidi Friechenvurgenfurgerburg
Fireman..A townsman
Melange Spanker
Allen Woody..A townsman
Cyril B. Whine.
Whinger McCaoin..Living in Queens View
Sarasate Fray..A demon
Dana..A banshee
Dr. Hart
Muriel Ryan..Damned souls
Charles Carthington-Montgommery IV
Geri Trilling
Celia Betzler..Living in hell
Themitia..Living in hell
Janet Black
Spay Domino..Customers at the Super Super Extra Extra Happy Happy Nice Nice Bar
Mewt.. A child, in hell
Phet Chussy.. Proprieter of the Soul Twister bar
Helga Goring.. A customer at the Soul Twister Bar
TJ Snuize.. A ”Seducedutainer”
Joe Public.. A demon in Nether City
Raff Riff.. A Butler
Garaganfarhur, Devourer of Spirits.. Master of Nether City
Bowdleriser the Insane
Scariloompa.. Pampa Loomoos
Astrid.. An adventurer
Cube.. An adventurer
Dempsey.. An adventurer
Steward Stewart..A steward on the TitaIc
Jedward Smith..Captain of the Titan Ic
Steward Stewart.. A steward on the Titan Ic
Bose Hatwearer.. A passenger on the Titan Ic
Max Capacity.. A passenger on the Titan Ic
Pleasing Shegull.. Cook on the Titan Ic
Aldwyn Bassett-Short..A soldier, recently out of retirement
Hans van Ederveen..A promoter on Delerium
Arcadia Ferrari
Felicia Pininfarina
Crystal Lamborghini..Employees at Jarl’s Juicy Jugs
Lola Maserati
Himo Jarl..A reknowned fighter, now running a bar
Charles Flyd..An investigator
Sean Murphy
Paddy Murphy..Indians
Gearoid Murphy
Brownie Jacques..A travel agent on Delerium
Nik Trensen..A monk
Lloyd Christopher..An adventurer
Still Benner..A cowboy
Meredith Fonda..A gambler
Belle Aragorn..Proprieter of Stacy-Lou’s Tavern
Jim Ignatwatski..Customer at Stacy-Lou’s Tavern
Stewart Jimmie..A cowboy
Corwyn..A bandit
Nefiritiri..A genie
Kelly Short..A woman, living in Insomnia
Marasmus..A genie, looking over Insomnia
Cronyn..Curator of the Museum in Insomnia
The Verminator
Kersey Hairpiece..Guards in Insomnia
Pebbles Rambo
Peter Borst..Pestilence’s Butler
Terry..A guard in Insomnia
Yoda-May Yoder
Samuel Yoder..Pilgrims
Rachel Yoder
Random Tschantz..A man, travelling with the Yoders
Randy Boorg..A man, travelling to Insomnia
Brad Brady..Owner of a coffee shop in Insomnia
The Dragon..A fearsome dragon
Professor Penelope Bassett-Short..Alice’s mother
Tuppy Bassett-Short
Captain Anthony-Cecil Bassett-Short
Bertie Bassett-Short
Major Cecil-Anthony Bassett-Short
Agatha Bassett-Short..Siblings of Alice
Gordon Bassett-Short
Dahlia Bassett-Short
Fabian Bassett-Short
Freven Sty..A butler
Coarse..A creature of unknown origin
Gall..A similar creature
Ximinez..Member of the Spanish Inquisition
Biggles..Member of the Spanish Inquisition
Sam Jeejams..Gardener to the Bassett-Shorts
Kit Walker..A scientist
Siegfried Weaving
Tristram Plath.. Euphoric Elves
Helen Back
Philipe Phillope ..A shoe inventor
P’Erendos Gollados
B’Urandacus Dubatos..His assistants
Jefferson Jefferson
Roy The Arch Lich..An Arch Lich
Kares..A policeman in Paranoia
Ohmloss Heckler..A policeman in Paranoia
Raggedy Mandy..His wife
Funny Burger Face..A burger with a funny face
Sad Burger Face..A burger with a sad face
A hooded stranger..A mysterious stranger
Altho Kindlier..A Euphoric Elf
Hobo Haggins..A Lobbit, living in Paranoia
Flip Flops..A shoe, invented by Philipe
Sir Bernard..A Knight
Monilyn Marroe..A damsel in distress
Sir Rodorpoltas Verskeltanbel..A Knight
Balkline Groot..A Scary Monster
Olive Branch..A Euphoric Elf
Scissors..Guards in Mermantort
Bash Flannagan..A critic
Postin Hours
Meech and Mong.. The 22 hour party people
Andy Spec..A policeman
Ozzy Nicebourne..A man
Reginald Trout
Angry Rabbit..Hallucinations
Signora della Gelato
Senor Perro
Beverly Waverly..A scout leader
Macey ..Girl scouts
Tipper Oveur..A tour guide
Danielle Daniel ..A woman in the Interior
Ralph Walton
The Brown Fairy
Jimmy Oliver..A celebrity chef
Frodo Azziw..A wizard
Last Tschantz
Nicole Nicolau ..A woman, with Darius
Lucius Cairo..A man, living in Inertia
The Big Cow of Inertia..An average sized cow
Laius Jones
Jocasta Jones..The Jones Family
Oeddie Jones
Rumplestiltskin..A hermit
Ms. Stern..Headmistress of Ms. Stern’s Reform School for Delinquint Children.
Dora Tree..A child
Ms. Manners..A teacher
Do Barville..A disciplinarian
Almira Gulch..A Placebium miner
Morten Viggosen..A Guard
Sean Boringmore..A Guard
Indusia Smartish..A Scarecrow
Amon Eidolon..A wraith
A Seven Headed Beast..An illusion
Ms. Fortune..A teacher
Martin Fairchild..A man, in Dystopia
Constance Prude..Leader of the Philite Mothers Against Fun
Chac Grainer..A man, in Dystopia
Spark Almond..A bouncer
Tara Turquoise..A Hierophantic Knight
Sebastian Lite..A Hierophantic Knight
George ”Stump” Crosscreek..A man
Bones McToy..A skeleton
First Statue..A statue
Second Statue..A statue
Jonas..A man, living in a dragon
Jane Dane..A receptionist
Jusilla ;;Juice” Drandau..A woman, in Asphyxia
Spruce Hannigan..A woman, in Asphyxia
Maxwell House..Head of Administration for the Hierophantic Knights
Snyder..A Watcher
Bally McEal..A Watcher
Lucy Angel..A Lawyer
Morris Jimson
Jack Crowe
Crazy Jake Chin
Tommy Rotten..Hierophantic Knights
Horatio Bratwurst
Unit 314..A prototype new knight
The Demon Form of Bally McEal..The demon form of Bally McEal
Mysterious Stranger..An unknown assailant
God..The Supreme Being
Mikey Walsh
Keith Walsh..Dobbin’s brothers
Shane Walsh
Wally Louche.. A music promoter
Herby Zidler.. A concert organiser
Scary Syck
Nicey Syck.. Members of the band N-Syck
Spikey Syck
John Smith..An adventurer
Mister Smith..A porter in Caplan
Alyssa Longsort..A lady, in Asphyxia
Quintin Smarm
Barry Barry
Charity White..A time traveller
Faern Short
Prince George..A time traveller
Bevan Rilliams..A man, in Asphyxia
Evan Starglow..A half elf, passing through Asphyxia
The Prof
Montomery Giles..A watcher
Phull Mutchell..A hotel manager
Elliot Freidkin..A man, in Ataxia
Jack Alanson..A zombie
The Bringer..A demon
Sonia Meek.. A woman, from Ataxia
Dot..A maid
The Screamers..The Bringer’s Henchman
Special Agent Sully..FIB Agent
Special Agent Mouldy..FIB Agent
Rick Moronis..A fake Bringer
Sr. Purity..A nun, in Queens View
Andy Mann..A handy man
Trevor Tchaikovsky
Sharon Shostakovich..Gypsies
Baz Khachaturian
Bjorseth Bjorsethsen..A man, from Serenity
Aphi Liburni..A man, from Serenity
Geneva Hannigan..An adventurer
Tamsin Laveau..An adventurer
The Devil..The Queen of Darkness
Sybil Scales..Manageress of The Primrose Valley Happy Place for Crazy People
Susan Strange
Peggy Sue..Patients at The Primrose Valley Happy Place for Crazy People
Nince Passeem
Mad Albert
Bumblebore..A Path Gallant
Arthur Delay..A business man in the Under City
Scarthur Argyle..A man, in Cachexia
Chim Chimenee..Cachexian guard
Thatch Marger..A woman, in Cachexia
Barney The Torturer..A torturer
Shay O’Vara..Mayor of Cachexia
Ashley Aural.. A seamstress
Mashley Argyle..Daughter of Scarthur
Airy-Kate Argyle..Daughter of Scarthur
Bravis Tickle..A guard in Euneirophrenia
Grace Marlow..A lady in Euneirophrenia
Aileen Bridger..A waitress
Dartful Rodger
Rosemary Lovejoy..Diners in Bridgers Bakery
Madchen Lynch
Tobey Parker
Louis Kesher..A man
Geoffrey Marlow..Captain of the guards
Richard Skeith..A pimp
Cici Merteuil..A prostitute
Franky Fenster..A jeweller
Fitz..A town guard
Sarah Marlow..A girl, in Euneirophrenia
Cady Marlow..Captain of the guards in Euneirophrenia
Charlie Bridger..Owner of Bridger’s Bakery
Richard Keith..A man, in Euneirophrenia
Dr. Gonzo..Owner of Dr. Gonzo’s University of Drinking
Robbie FitzHagrid..A doorman
Arnie Lynch..The mayor of Euneirophrenia
Carrell Folin..A man, in Euneirophrenia
Azrael Spica..A woman, in Euneirophrenia
Albus Spica..Her father
Grover..A hand puppet
Janey Baby
General Store..A shopkeeper
Coop Daler..A man, in Euneirophrenia
Fem..A cavewoman
Meve Starchant..A prisoner
Muh..An escaped prisoner
Jimmy Sullivan
Ivan Marsters..A Hierophantic Knight
Jimmy Sullivan..A man, in Easpach
Big Dan Forrest
Lucan Gecko
Neville Nebbish
Adam Torque.. Military leader of the Scalies.
Furious Adam
Emile Wilkins III
Dead Fred
Frederick..The village idiot
Alec Smart
Athlackey..A demon
Krafty Giffin..A coffee hound
Casper Caspersen
Hank Toms..Men, in Serenity
Ack..A caveman
Jack Hacking..Guard in the Under City
J. Jack Jackson
Marge Groening..A Lady, in Serenity
Marcy Barcy..A dogsbody
Shavenologist..A cult member
June Monsoon..A lady, living near Apraxia
Toby Monsoon..Leader of the Shavenologists
Marsellus Rhames..His second-in-command
Paddy Stay..A follower of Diceifer
Patrick Stay..A follower of Diceifer
Leeza Condi
Martha Allen
Leslie Dorsey
Eve..Leader of the Weavenologists
Statsy Pone..A Path Gallant
Nathaniel Fortune
Kevin Brookwest
Lenin Buckley.. A man, son of Iok Sotot
Jordan Goody..Chavenologists
Axel Beckham
Tyler Davison
Picki Vollard..A groupie
Norman Chuffington..A man, brokenhearted
Berry Berry..Living in Queens View
King Furberry..The leader of the Chavenologists
Grydney Scenestreet..A butler
Alex..A gentleman
Ben..A ruffian
Bill..A hero
Chris..A victim
Humphrey..A distinguished gentleman
Naomi..A loudmouth
Bryan..The Amnesic Version of Mikey
Ian Lovejoy
Kian..The Amnesic Version of Shane
Mark..The Amnesic Version of Keith
Brandon Ingalls..An Innkeeper
Don Corleone.. Clint’s Henchman
Tyler Burden..The Amnesic Version of Darius
Butch Rush
Angle Boreanaz..Henchmen of Lord Scanruil
Stony Wall
Ed Winchester..Roving reporter for National Network News
Ned Kelly..A cyclist
Marie Everhart..The Amnesic Version of Tamsin
William..The Amnesic Version of Jerome
Marcel Scanruil..A connoisseur
Cupid Scanruil..A Southern Belle
Sid Scanruil..A ruffian
Gizzard Scanruil..A punk
Alan Pheasant..A PR man
Michael Lloyd.. A time traveller
Schmichael Umacher..A retired carriage racer
Count Quackula
Bill Mallard..DJs for Radio K Duck
Frances Drake
Derek Hall..A cheeky cockney PR type
Michael Portico..A smooth talking PR type
Campion Peakston..A man, from Anaesthesia
Corky Ford..A woman, traveling with Campion
Acorn Oak
Pink Cassidy..Jesters
Julia Duck..A Constipated Duck
Surly Cue..A Spoilt Brat
Jake Japers..A juggler
Dennis Rons
Ernie Becclestone
Smock..A child
Angry Dave Ruddock..A prisoner
Dave the Demon..An independant trader.
Posie Jackard
Louise Merriweather..A fortune teller
Leon Fache..A Frenchman
Tweedletony..A twerp
Tweedlebush..Another twerp
Tiffany Golightly..A ballet dancer
Shelley O’Shea.. A mother
Junior O’Shea..Her son
Rick O’Shea..An idiot
David Spratt..A man
Roseanne Spratt..His wife
Q Spratt..Their son
Mr. Brown..Owner of the Black house.
Faith Brown..A very clever girl
Alf Grand..The moral guardian of Metaplasia
Godmother Grand..His wife
Dawson Creep..The Handsomest man in Metaplasia
Roberta Creep..His cousin
John Toulouse..A photographer
Dominque Dominick..A beautiful woman
Enrique..A genius
Jose..A moron
Salem Le Fort..A chair
Chester Chesterfield..A chest of drawers
Blofeld..A leather armchair
Chip..A Guardian of Uprightness
Dale..A Guardian of Uprightness
Templeton Stetson
Rosellini Luaro..Mariaites
Borsaloni Fino
Blue Eyes
Black Eyes..Undercover agents
Brown Eyes
Noah Sark..A boat builder
Gerry Longneck..A giraffe
Nelly Trunkington..An elephant
Richard Cliff..A receptionist
Sunny De Vil..A scary maid
Patience Summers..An adventurer
Monsieur Chocolat..A restauranter
Manuel Smith..A waiter
Emily Morrison
Daffy Duct..An outraged passenger
Phil Clean
Claude Gruel
Donkey..A donkey
Claude De Montague.. Owner of the Warm And Relaxing Tavern
Trinny..A Phenterimine
Tranny..A Phenterimine
Jack Napier..A Happy Chappy
Annabel Mole.. A woman suffering from Scalies.
Channabel Wong..A beautiful woman
Jewel Robinson..A sex symbol
Davey Marley..A Demon
Azzugas..An Archdemon
Nigel Smalls..A body builder
Stackie Jallone..A Cleaner
Caroline Wilkerson..An Administrator
Reginald Carruthers..A Chauffeur
The Monk..A man, in Asphyxia
Albert Ferrer..A sceptic
Bert Allenstein..A scientist
Spot The Dog..A talking dog
Jebus..A man
Edward Vulture..A duellist
Diana Carter..His opponent
Greg Putin..A martyr
Reg Scanruil..An organiser
Hutger Rauer..An Antipathy
Tim The Beholder..A scary monster with lots of eyes
Sir Dancelot..A knight
Laura White..An alternative version of Smock
Scarlett O’Mara..A vicious harpy
Vila Blake..A doll collector
Amanda Hayleigh.. The Amazing Amanda
Leland Scar
Carie Murie.. A mathematician
Smacks Plank..Another kind of mathematician
Rowdy Trixx.. A Referee
Vincenzo Smith.. A Scientist Fights fan
Murray Stalker.. A commentator
Ray Sunshine..A bus driver
Cossie Howard.. A commentator
Sky Tenetta.. A customer at the Soul Twister Bar
Peppy.. Maids
Sergeant Drill.. An angry man
Lionel Cool..A cool man
Joey Stallion.. A randy man
Sebastian Waugh.. A poet
Judge Fudge.. A chocolate lover
Tom Crier..A town crier
Wendy Hook .. Peter Deadpan’s wife
Davis Jefferson.. A man, in Anemia
Officer Phlouxsie..A security guard
Mrs. Danvers ..A brothel madam
Hester Prynn
Georgia Carolina
Lesley Marche aux Pouces
Kat Masterson..Hookers
Marilee Golightly
Faun Montague de Comerford
Jasmine Wong
Flea Bag..A male prostitute
Piggy Opp..A tired customer
Office McBoots
Office O’Sexy
Office Barbie ..Security Guards
Office Shelley
Office Sindy
Sam ”Slim” Crosscreek..Brother of Stump
Tea Bag..A mysterious stranger
Mona Wyder
Billy Joe Strongarm
Gwynnie Deathrow
Cameron De Ath..Zombies
Fin Diesel
Scarlett Washandsome
Nicole Honey..A Euphoric Elf
Brendan Priestley..A driver
Charles ‘Free’ Whitaker VI..A hippy
Ston Jeed..A hat collector
Haris Pilton..A zombie
Dave Angel..A fallen angel
Jeromite..A Geeky Zombie
Jeromite..A less geeky zombie
Vittor Macdissi..Some sort of foreigner
JC Perrin..A Lecturer
Sister Continence..A nun
Claire Dare..An administrator
Arthur McCreepy..A student
Dubbles..A porter
Nolty Nick..A refugee
Posey Parker..A Path Gallant
Anthony Parker..A naked Path Gallant
Bryam Tuff..A bard
Vindel..An elf
George Specswearer
Hustin Duffman..Apologists
Lazarus Duffman
Stootsie Duffman
Gillette Fusion
Pantene Provy..Paranoid elves
Neosporin Antifungal
Timrus..A Paranoid Policeman
Verbiage Circumambages..A Euphoric Elf
Ken Shabby..An Assassin
Jake Blutarsky..A Glutton
Avid Dattenborough..A commentator
Havid Dasselhoff..A sexy beast
Miss Prim..A librarian
Cymon Sowell..An envious man
Dave The Spider..A Spider
Spider Parker..A spider
Cevin Casey..A well dressed man
Havid Dasselhoff, version 2..A satisfied man
Crussell Rowe
Spider..A half spider/half labrador puppy
Crussell Rowe, version 2..A calm man
Mann Scoulter..A woman, possibly
Mann Scoulter, version 2
Craner Michaels..A man, in the Interior
Verbal Mills
Oliver Salad..A dentist
Marcel Rhames..A henchman
Gill Bates..A geek
Nambu Nbaragu..An ubergeek
Nicki ”Happy” Lip..A nauseatingly cute child
Frances ”Frank” Fisher..A stalker
Wilberforce Giles..A wannabe bad guy
Johnny Panic..A deserter
Dur TiRag..A doctor
Raggedy Andy..Owner of the Tidy And Relaxing Tavern
Zandy Hatmann..A motivational speaker
The Ghost
The Blue Ghost..Ghosts
The Yellow Ghost
Dr. Dodd Awesome
Barney Awesome..Leader of Team Awesome
Harvey Kingston-Short VI..Harvey’s son
Lily Kingston-Short..Harvey’s daughter
Rose ”Rat” Kingston-Short..Harvey’s second daughter
Anneray Langer..A haemorrhoid sufferer
Balaclava..A kidnapper
Balaclavab..Another kidnapper
Imimi Le Phon..A Police Mime
Flechter Mackay..A Police Man
Yeddie Ates..A witness
Freddie Ates..His wife
Bobbo O’Kelsey..A voyeur
Scabby..A Mascot
Stabby The Syringe..A Mascot
Agnum Pi..A Sock Her Player
Alex Flichtner..A Witness
Brad Williams..
Doogie Browser..
Penny Farthing..
Dolly the Sheep..A sheep
Po Beep..A waitress
Flo Beep..A waitress
Bob Beep..A restauranter
Roc J..A homeboy
20 SP..A rapper
Borey Trevor..An old friend
Neil Canuck..A candidate for The Angry Party
Ed Paulington..A candidate for The Doubtful Party
Walter Such..A candidate
Junior Junior..A Flyer Distributer
Jerome (Apparently fake)..A candidate for The Kemodat Party
Charlie Monaghan..Just a guy
Tony ‘Dragon’ Dragon..
John Smith(2)..A Chicken
Dewey Angel..A Town Guard
Jack Waters..
Meg Angel..A Housewife
Lee Tommy Jones..A cop
Krusty McKrusterson..A clown
Genesis..A possible Custos-Clementine
Leviticus..A man, in the warehouse
Exodus..A man, in the warehouse
Doctor Fibula..A doctor
Doctor Radius..A doctor
Doctor Ulna..A doctor
Jarvis Lucius..A patient
Remy Jarvis..A patient
Anne Onnimus..A patient
Glloom..An unknown creature
An elephant..An elephant in a jar
Christopher Talken..A head in a jar
Jargelina..A woman in a jar
Man lion..Freak
Woman Leopard..Animal freak
Scarlett..A fighter
Fido Chuffington..A dog
Doctor Clavicle..A doctor
Doctor Sternum..A doctor
Doctor Scapula..A doctor
Flakerfly..A monster, possibly
Lucy Angel(2)..Lucy
Jemima..A secretary
Lucy (3)..Lucy Angel
Mashate..Siamese twins
Pinnochiette..A wooden girl
Dreevil..A shark
Charlotte Parker-Kensington..A watcher
Mal Urray..A pub landlord
Teith Flyd..A customer in a bar
Yoby Jung..A patron in a bar
George La Forge..Member of the Harma Initiative
Tristan Garibaldi..A Clementine
Lucky Basket..An adventurer
Dumkin..An angry dwarf
Grimli..A grim dwarf
Derek The Dwarf..A dwarf
Frank Hertigus..A dwarf
Warden Bishop..A Prison Warden
Spotty Doohan..A Prison Guard
Choco Latay..A HARMA Initiative Education Officer
Duke Foxington..A prisoner
Scary Mask..A man in a scary looking mask
Pan..An Angel
Fleur de Lis..An organizer
Cassiel..Angel of Temperance
Rashnu..Angel of Judgement
Perpetiel..Angel of Success
Jophiel..Angel of Enlightenment
Charoum..Angel of Silence
Grubby McGruberson..A grubby kid
Walter Badd..A man, in Equality
Samandiriel..Angel of Imagination
Sachael..Angel of Water
Ezekiel..Angel of Death
Angelina..An angel
Lucifer..Fallen Angel
Israfel..Angel of Fire
Raziel..Angel of Mysteries
Muriel..Angel of June
Shona Han..A Thief
Harvey Altered..Altered Harvey
Clint Altered..Altered Clint
Dur Altered..Altered Dur
Charlie Altered..Altered Charlie
Shona..Altered Shona
Alice Altered..Altered Alice
Lucinda Braun..A woman
Claire Braun..A girl
Eustace Braun..A man
Victoria Braun..A girl
Lillian Planck..A woman
Abbot Baptiste..A man
Penelope Baptiste..A woman
Jacob Linus..A man
Elizabeth Van der Waals..A girl
Anna Marconi..A girl
Haskell Bohr..A town guard
Clotilda Hofstadter..A doctor
Cecil Rontgen..A man
The Devourer..A scary looking monster
Leonora Planck..A girl
Tymecloude..A woman
Serena MacKenna..A woman, on Ben
Andrea Hofstadter..A virgin
Bimberly Waisley..A woman
Jake Bauer..A timekeeper
Mr. Rigas..Manager, Dept. of Disposal
Mark Rogers..A HR Officer
Mr. Milken..Manager, Dept. of Filing
Mr. Skilling..Manager, Dept. of Copying
Mr. Keating..Manager, Dept.
Mr. Weiss..Manager, Dept. of
The boys..A group of boys
Mr. Poulsen..Manager, Dept. of
Mr. Harold..Manager, Dept. of
Mr. Kinsey..Manager, Dept. of
Ms. Secretary..Manager, Dept. of
Mr. Madoff..A manager
Max Profit..A CEO
Mrs. Madoff..A wife
Tim Tiramisu..A man
Mervin Meringue..A man
Bernard Baklava..A doorman
Prof. Charles ‘Deuce’ Hilliard-Montgomery-Carthington II..A scientist
Tompars Paris..A HARMA operative
Prof. Dick Wernstrom..A Professor
Dr. Hiram Finkelstein..The PhDJ
Frederick Hrothgar Goreblood..A Barbarian Scientist
Muffin..A poodle
Del Bhoy..A bell boy
Bon Jilkes Wooth..A delegate
Alfred Reinstein..A professor
Ben Carlow..A hotel guest
Victoria Carlow..A hotel guest
Sam White..A fireman
PC Plop..A policeman
Leif Treeverson..A Candlestick Maker
Trei Treeverson..A spy
Ted Everyman..Just a guy
Barry Ting..A reporter
Roger Rogers..A candidate
Sheldon Parsons..An advisor
Betsy McToy..An advisor
Barry Goodbar..A HARMA Initiate
Chip Murphy..A hotel guest
Senor Raul Pantalones..A soap star
Stan Ta..An angry drunk
John Pressman..A reporter
Billy Goat..A goat
Tobias Cruess..An Official
Galavan..A Fop
Mary Mudd..A hotel guest
John Mudd..A hotel guest
Frank Shabby..A guard
Count-a-matic 4000..A semi-automatic counting machine
Anton Anon..A HARMA Initiate
Ken Bingsley..A pilgrim
Fina Tey..A pilgrim
Pavel Murphy..A HARMA Initiate
Neff (Terry) Ffambell..A candidate
William Worship..A reverend
John (Terry) O’Quinn..A Candidate
Spavel Smurphy..A HARMA Initiate
Timidia Barnacle..An angry wife
Crasier Frane..A doctor
Melody Kindle..Wanted
Hura O’Rura..A HARMA Initiate
Wilson Barnacle..An inventor
Bax Meesley..A man, in an asylum
Sugar McSpice..A gym instructor
Lex (Terry) Rosenbaum..A Candidate
Patti (Terry) Lee..A Candidate
Simon Bisley..A HARMA Initiate
Clementine..A widow
Orange Jello..A shop owner
Lemon Jello..A shop owner
Herez Pillton..A barman
Ashley Asswipe..A Shopaholic
Joe Bigg..A Detective/Chef
John de Bosco..A man with a box on his head
John de Bosco (II)..A man without a box on his head
Miranda Nixon..A woman with a pin
Steve Tin..A man in a bathrobe
Dara Clarus..A mother
Pearse Meerce..A weirdo
Princess..A kitten
Orlya..A Goddess
Jim Poindexter..Some sort of nerd
Alternate Alice..Eighties-throwback Alice
Alternate Austin..A long haired, chicken-wielding Austin
Alternate Charlie..A meek looking Charlie
Alternate Clint..A dorky Clint
Alternate Dur..A pimply-faced teenage Dur
Alternate Harvey..A rather fabulous Harvey
Alternate Fred..A middle management type Fred
Dan Gormless..A teenager
Ivan Semenkic..A sailor
Caite Weiner..A room mate
Estelle Dribbler..A mother
Chardonnay Dwight..A whiney teenager
Joel Tirscahro..A driver
Tyson Ike..A waiter
Dan Dirty..A motorcyclist
Geary Scheuring..A security guard
Toby Rogers..A HR type
Tilly Lomlin..A secretary
Dave Soot..A biker
Dick Mudd..A biker
General Pearse I. Hawk..An actor
Mr. Detrimentus..A lawyer
Steve Slug..A Monster Slug Demon
Archibald ‘Angry’ Anderson..An upset man
Ricky Ratton..A prisoner
Gack McJee..A HARMA officer
Ben Benediction..A reverend
Adam McPatch..A man
Ted Nunpar..A HARMA officer
Dougal Nunpar..A HARMA officer
Mary Mucus..A lady with a cold
Sylvia Snott..A lady, with a cold
Jones..A spy
Darius Terry..Darius as a Swarm member
Kenny Oksimo..A driver
Mold Polyp..An old crone
Dayniel Danlewis..A pedestrian
Titus Opius..A traveller
Ferry McBobbin..A barman
Katie Holmley..A woman, in Saint Taint’s
Bryan Beacreast..A man, in Saint Taint’s
Jessica Elba..A woman, in Saint Taint’s
Noel Entry..A security guard
Billy Kidd..A child
Brosty..A snowman
Crosty..A snowman
Trosty..A snowman
Bantam Alpha..A guard
Picayune Beta..A guard
Dimunity Gamma..A guard
Adam Dawson..A man
Gim Atti..A train driver
Topham Hattington..A controller
Mary Anderson..A virgin, at Ixi
Interferon..A man in a hood
Winky Pinkerton..A game show hostess
Pob Poopants..A game show host
The Griswolds..A family
Tim Jalpert..Member of Team Bland
Perry Malmer..Member of Team Bland
Bam Peesley..Member of Team Bland
Hyland Roward..Member of Team Bland
Shedley Everuth..Member of Team Bland
Bonald Rump..A boss
Monster..A Monster
Mel Spice..A fan club organizer
Gadam Itlin..A librarian
Ashley Parker-Kensington..Charlie’s brother
Williams..The butler for the Parker-Kensington household
Cordelia Parker-Kensington..Charlie’s niecee
Alphonsus Parker-Kensington..Charlie’s Great Great Uncle
Rudyard Parker-Kensington..Charlie’s father
Martha..A maid for the Parker-Kensington household
Gertrude Parker-Kensington..Charlie’s grandmother
Helena Parker-Kensington..Charlie’s mother
Leslie Parker-Kensington..Charlie’s brother
Amacus (Mac) Brindleworthy..A Watcher
Ruth Parker-Kensington..Charlie’s sister-in-law
Cordy 2..A girl, all dressed up
Josephine Parker-Kensington..Charlie’s sister
Nanna Willa..A desiccated corpse
Clara..A maid for the Parker-Kensington household
The Essence..The Essence of Evil from Nanna Willa
Jerrick Adaar..A smuggler
Bonnie Tylenol..A hysterical woman
Terry Baldington..Candidate
Stinkin Lincoln..A goon, in Queens View
Adam Johns..A man, possibly an angel
Pauline Hoso..A Candidate
Alice Black..A widow
Austin ‘Keen As’ Mustard..A man
Charlie Green..A young woman
Fr. Clint White..A priest
Dur Plum..A man
Jerrick Scarlet..A poet
Mac Peacock..A pop sensation
Smithers..A butler
Reggie Andrews..A guest
Horatio Dimewell..A man with a big gun
Don McJain..An injured man
Bernard MacBernie..A man, in Queens View
Spikey..Some sort of snail
Datt Mamon..A man, in Queens View
Kira Shakely..A woman, in Queens View
Bunny Slug..A slug that looks like a cutesy bunny
Jack Hammer..A police officer
Officer Cherysh..A police officer
Beagan Demon..A small, angry demon
Guy De Chasten..A receptionist
Winston Winsome..
Brunhilde Granuaile Rasumussen Ostergaard..Darius’ bride
Dr. Phoebe Rourke-Burke..
Cherrie Pye..A wedding guest
Lolli Popp..A wedding guest
Sinclair Reeves..A wedding guest
Blaine Shine..
Mac Brindleworth..A legendary Watcher
Ninka Lohmann..Bruni’s bridesmaid
Thusnelda Magnussen..Bruni’s bridesmaid
Gullbrith ..Bruni’s bridesmaid
Evangeline Tolstrup..Bruni’s bridesmaid
Dave Waiter..A waiter
Penny Stainer..A Setar player
Isobel Cumberland..A xylophone player
Lance Lotts..A man in a yellow tie
Marvin Carvin..A bouncer
Billy Kidd..An annoying kid
Jemyr Fisher..A gatecrasher
Douglas Beige..A man, in Apraxia
Johna Olive..A cheerleader for Pestilence
Gaul Soodman..A lawyer
Judge Reinhold Judge..A Judge
Hunnie Cyrup..A Hooker
Igor Norant..A court deputy
Dr. Saura Lessinger..Some sort of psychologist
Paul (Pinky) Pinkman..A minion of Pestilence
Jackie Hatts..A matron
Forge Bronco..A groom at Bodenringham Manor
Mark Marquis..A man, outside a cave
Farley Arrow..A kidnapper
Michel Grensnide..A kidnapper
Oliver Jaymee..A chef
General Zap Flasheart..A hero
Surya Amber..A man with a yellow tie
Kwame Apricot..A man with a yellow tie
Walter Arylide..A man with a yellow tie
Smalldrick..A dwarf
Joe Bloggs..A man, near Apraxia
Rai Jodriguez..A barman in Aprazia
The Hooded Stranger..A mysterious hooded stranger in Apraxia
Dibo Buchic..A man with a lot of socks
Grimhild Rasumussen Ostergaard..A woman who bears a strong resemblance to Bruni
Barry McTwiggen..A town guard in Grimhilde’s dimension
Chom Tambers..A castle guard
Andy Fife..A guard
Wilhelmina Parker-Kensington-Sotot..Charlie and Pestilence’s daughter
Fairy tale Alice..A different version of Alice
Fairy tale Austin..A different version of Austin
Fairy tale Charlie..A different version of Charlie
Fairy tale Clint..A different version of Clint
Fairy tale Dur..A different version of Dur
Fairy tale Harvey..A different version of Harvey
Fairy tale Mac..A different version of Mac
Fineglass..A tree
The Yellow Dragon..A yellow dragon
Sam Beau..A flower
Black Dragon..A black dragon
The Moon..A natural satellite
Old Mother Cupboard..A woman who lives in a shoe
Leo Saiders..A lion
Chinno Little..A Giant
Arianna The Bear..A bear
Tenderheart Bear..A teddy bear
Cuddles..A kitten
Sleeping Girl 1..A girl in the tower
Sleeping Girl 2..A girl in the tower
Jane Alison..A woman
Mild Bore..Some sort of wild boar
Zebediah (Gubbins) Coleridge..A hunter
Berek Halfour..A man with an annoying beard
Floating Mask..A disembodied, floating mask
Red Mask..A mask with red feathers
Betty Mite..A suspected scone maker
Hitaki Takei..A half dressed HARMA officer
Ezra Hardup..A HARMA Officer out of uniform
Sarah Falin..An old lady
Charlotte Parker-Pussington..
Colonel Fluffy Whiskerton Short..
Howl-ice Bassett Short..
Kit Scar..…Cats
Paw-stin Sleaze..
Purr TiRag..
Matt Agut..A man with lots of fish
Peter Cohen..A man, in Queens View
Sebastian Liam Creed..A man, in Queens View
Kenneth Kennington..A tailor
Tim Victor..A torture victim
Bad Luck Bare..A Care Bare
Cheer Bare..A Care Bare
Grumpy Bare..A Care Bare
Bustin Jeiber..An irritating pop singer
Nightmare Bare..A Care Bare
Louis Perot..An adventurer attending the Harmies
Alec Marcus..A man
Oily Furs..A shop assistant
Kato Fay..A scary woman in a market
Herb Henri..A waiter in Idioza
Barky the Dog..An annoying dog
Tony Bland..A man, in Horse
George (JD) Dorian..A doctor
Scott Wesley..A hired goon
Wesley Scott..A hired goon
Darby Bishop..A housewife in Apraxia
Ana Ward..A housewife, living in Apraxia
Frances Kovarian..A housewife, living in Apraxia
Esurion, Devourer of Souls, Slayer of the Innocent and Feeble, Certified Public Accountant..A demon/housewife, living in Apraxia
Audrey Altman..A housewife, living in Apraxia
Morkoff..A demon
Willem Pole..A drummer with Sexy Penis
Peter Dong..A drummer with Sexy Penis
Richard Shaft..A drummer with Sexy Penis
Peter Longfellow..A drummer with Sexy Penis
Dr. Amelia Sawtell-Wallis..An archaeologist
Algernon Delambre..A giant fly in a tuxedo
Smellmo..A very, very pungent demon
Hoff Hassel..A demon
Perik Sullivan..A boy
Tarek Tardelli..A man in a yellow tie
Crystal Fires..A refugee
Lisa Gabor..A woman in a ball gown
Piers Gabor..A farmer
Benjamin Spratt..A refugee
Alec Dupree..A barman
Brian Grazzlesplatx..A demon
Sophie Valentine..A Demonic Debutante
Mosia Zamet..A fan
Chaplenne Charleston..A tramp
Bornborg Bjorg..A contortionist
Fake Jake..A clown
Giggles McTittersworth..An angry, angry clown
Timmy Tarduck..Some sort of comedian
Sloppy McGooham..A HARMA officer
Scary Dog Monster..A demon
Fluke..A demon
Ernie Brown..A security guard
Gill Green..A musician
Caroline Black..A bride
Toby White..A teenager
Sally Plum..A woman
Dony Green..A businessman
Archibald Scarlet..An adventurer
Dr. Nicola Remington-Hughes..
Walter Grey..A man
The Lizard..A scary looking monster
Jordan Chapman..A poet
Jean Majeur..A waiting room god
Romeo Romero..Some sort of scary zombie
Pollyanna Darling..A cook
Mercutio Merco..A zombie
Kavid Jorgesh..A weirdo, in Dementia
Jared Jones..A cult leader
Colin Philips..A taxi driver in Dementia
Fletcher Hatcher..
Prof. Gill Gilligan..A smart man
Mary Units..A nun
Harriet Hatt..A woman with half a house
Dr. Harris Smith..A very smart man
Anna Nasa..A woman, outside Genitalia
Mick Nurdoch..Some sort of medical student
Charity McBusty-Chesterton III..A stripper/lab assistant
Dr. Alistair Finley..A scientist
Mackenzie Fligh..An archaeologist
Gertrude Parker-Kensington (II)..A young Gertrude
Lannister Parker-Kensington..A dashing adventurer
Tam Tambers..A man with hardly any pants
Mr. Cuddles..Some sort of scary rabbit
Kanhilde ..A less sort of scary rabbit
Con Jazale..A man
Sam Bo..A man with a lot of scars
Ball Security..A security guard
Mo Money..A bank manager
Konhilde..A sextilde
LKL 1287-42..A police officer
Wutendhilde..A very angry Sextilde
Dunhilde..A sextilde
Brawny Talbot..A woman in a white robe
Molly Munter..A seer
Echo Madoff..An adult baby
Hackey Earl..The Sitter
Thomas Creeper..A man in a bathroom
Thatcher Hatcher..
Roger Abacot..A guard on the Duckinghamshire
Tiger..A savage looking tiger
Arthur Alabio..A man wearing a breathing apparatus
Fred Allier..A very sick looking man
The flower..A disease spreading flower
Clarence Ancona..The captain of the Duckinghamshire
Clarence Ancona..The captain of the Duckinghamshire
Marcellus Marceaurus..A mime
Streaky Snake..A snake
Jezebel Abyss..A woman in white
Mike Wasocksey..A monster
Austin Doppelganger..
Alyssa Cameron..An actress
Charlie Doppelganger..
Clint Doppelganger..
Dur Doppelganger..
Jordan Doppelganger..
Alice Doppelganger..
Hatie Kopkins..A woman, in Nostalgia
Angela Chapman..Jordan’s wife
Bliss Cooper..A priest, in Nostalgia
Gerard Butler..A butler
Lil’ Mikey..An adorable baby
Lil’ Julie..A baby
Kay d’Argentan..A ranger/hunter
Red McDaniel..A magic user
Adrian Shaloub..A monk, near Nostalgia
Robert Cullen..A passerby
Colton Crumblie..A rebellious teenager
Brice Thrice..A dangerous teenager
Mary Brienne..A woman, near Nostalgia
Gael Gaveston..A man, in Nostalgia
Valerie Page..A woman, in Nostalgia
Evelyn Hull..A librarian
Clint Monster..A monster claiming to be Clint
Panse Rayder..A demon
Chamomile..A teasmaid
Mooloong..A teasmaid
Sister Mary Mary..A nun, in Nostalgia
Sister Mary Maria..A nun, in Nostalgia
Sr. Mary Erica..A nun, in Nostalgia
Sr. Lily..A nun
Dave Draino..A drain cleaner
Gady Laga..Professor of Anthropology
Jay Scotty..An Eremologist
Ram Ha..An exchange student
Clean Sandy..A librarian
Hell Anna Porker Kneesinfront..A student
Boris Ahmar..A student
Lesley Whitaker-Bucket..A shop owner
Pete Payt..A pet shop owner
Heidi Pluum..A woman, in Nostalgia
Heidi Pluum..
Jake Six Daggers Chin..A pirate
Joan McDaniel..A woman, in Nostalgia
Sno TiRag..A man, in Nostalgia
Long Scar..Clint’s father
Norah the Sheep..A sheep in a hotel room.
Abel SMith..A policeman
Gridha..A policeman
Stanley King..A hotel proprietor
Panthony Bates..A hotel employee
Roger Bates..An octopus
Jack Krapper..A toilet
Bavid Danner..A green fingered demon
Derek Slime..A disgusting demon
Jeetle Buice..A demon
Michael Buice..A snake demon
Crob Batchett..A pencil pusher
Will O’Ufgood..A magic user
Devon Henfield..A teenager
George Cooney..An actor
Snot TiRag..Modern version
Willow O’Ufgood..A sex machine
Tintin Quarantino..A director
Graham Hatman..A man, in Nostalgia
Alison Manning..A soccer Mom
Derek Mane..A Commander
Liam Space..A singer/poet
Mason Jugg..An actor
Nancy Falco..A nurse
Tristan Siriano..A fashion designer
Doctor Doctor..A man, on fire
Smug..A dragon
Kelly Megyn..An adventurer
Friar Trier..A monk
Doreen Pie..A doctor
Trevor Knight..A scary Knight
Charles Barnes..Some sort of academic
Sarah Eastwood..An impatient woman
Braevos Mann..A man without a face
Stevie P..A day time stripper
Cherysh Chandelier..A stripper/historian
Jack Hammer..A historian/stripper
Anna Racks..A woman, in Nostalgia
Roscoe..A hipster
Ezra..A very earnest hipster
Kale..An elephant hugger
Dave Devere..A viking
Ferris Stein..A man, in hell
Bam Peesley..A secretary
Drape Donner..A demon
Peed Campbell..A demon
David Devere..A viking
James Kidd..A foul-mouthed baby
Asher Klein..
Barnaby Lauren..Yuppie Pirates
Calvin Kors..
Mary Sioux..A woman in Japetus
Gnuther Tyler..Mayor of Japetus
Joseph LeBlanc..The headmaster in Japetus
Moanica Yeller..A duck cryer
Chanandler Bong..A doll’s house furniture designer
Romy Buffay..A manicurist
Rachum Breen..A Compost Engineer
Dr. Gross Yeller..An insect repellent manufacturer
Mystic Meeg..A psychic
Chucky Staines..A Kidder
Griselda Staines..A kidder
Sweeney Toddler..A Kidder
Cuddles Poopington..A Kidder
Mikey Segal..A Cherub
Merry Boppins..A nanny
Min Galls..A mother
Max Galls..A father
Harriet Moleskin..A concerned citizen
Edward Bonet..A man in a carriage
Bonnie Bonet..A woman in a carriage
Heva Eissen..A tavern wench
Father Treat Fortune..A priest in Nostalgia
Spike Tatdler..The God of Punctuations
Shor Goldenhair..A hero
Bryant Dorff..The tallest man in Nostalgia
Dieter Pinklage..A dwarf in Nostalgia
Chris Jones..A man, in Nostalgia
John Dwaynson..A man, in Nostalgia
Devon Henfield II..A politician
Stony White..A moody teenager
Smellattica..A very small but very loud band
Chicken Cogburn..A cowboy
The Barnhauls..A family of cowboys
Horse Crazee..An Indian
Bitting Sull..An Indian
Pierre Pierrot..A detective
Tuppy Tophattington..A potato speculator
James Neeson..A train guard
Fritz Ohn..A goth
Luther Miner..A man in the party’s vision
Con Ducktor..A conductor on a train
JC Cones..A HARMA Train Engineer
Pauline Knapp..A woman tied to a railway track
Larry D. Truman..A cute boy
Squat Officer..Some sort of HARMA riot police
George Magee..An announcer
Linda Connor..A HARMA Squat Officer
Sherlock Strange..A HARMA Squat Officer
Timothy Bleary..A hippie
Jessie Craven..A man in a radiation suit
Gavid Dale..A researcher
Alice A..A woman suffering from amnesia
Austin B..A man, suffering from amnesia
Charlie C..A woman suffering from amnesia
Clint D..A man, suffering from amnesia
Dur E..A man, suffering from amnesia
Shor F..A man, suffering from amnesia
Raniel Dadcliffe..A horned man
Windy Day..A hooker
A masked man..A man in a scary unicorn mask
Tucows..A drug dealer
Mama Tucows..A scary Mom
Bierce Prosnan..A bodyguard
Charlie Geccko..Another Charlie
Hewis Lamenton..A driver
Jeremy Johnson..A teenager
Fifi Johnson..A back alley fried poodle peddler
Prof. Charles Bassett-Kensington-Sleaze IV..A scientist
Choco Tompars..A Unigoon
Carole Kane..A secretary in The Horn
Wally Walter-Wall III..A HARMA Office Worker
Jessie Craven2..Without his suit
The Queens View Dragon..A scary dragon outside Queens View
Shareshee Lannigan..A woman with long hair
Cello Hannigan..A woman
Meia..A jewel fancier in Townagain
Leia..A jewel fancier in Townagain
Teia..A jewel fancier in Townagain
Willo’ Hollybea..Some sort of model
Duplo Dawson..A semi naked horseman
Irman Pointsagain..A librarian
Dr. Florence Honeydon’tagain..A doctor
Flennis Demming..A man with a large bucket
Hank Mockbriar..A commentator
Calvin Bradley Arden..A man at a SCMEGA concert in Insomnia
Stinky Peed..A hobo
Nik the Demon..A demon at Nostalgia Beach
Nicque..A demon at Nostalgia Beach
Crawelthor..A demon at Nostalgia Beach
Alithor Finley..A mix of Finley and Crawelthor
Mordon Gamsey..A pasty seller
Sticarus..A man in a chicken suit
Fauxlimina..A girl who looks just like Wilhelmina
Cothrom..A fusion of Wilhelmina and Percy
Steve Ahoy..A restaurant cashier
Chrysti Kingston-Short..Harvey’s wife
Christie Kingston-Short..Harvey’s first wife
Chrysty Kingston-Short..Harvey’s second wife
Monsieur Mon Seer..A concierge in Nostalgia
Shimmy Jive..A hotel guest
Terry Butcher..A dry cleaner
Caruso Horatio..A Hotel Detective
Immy Hive..
Bernard Rockefeller..A banker
Greg Griswold..A man in Nostalgia
Anna Griswold..A housewife in Nostalgia
Twisted Olivier..A street urchin
Chino Montana..A china shop owner
Penny Dim..A scary clown
Luni Dim..A less scary clown
Toonie Dim..A scary clown with an eyepatch
Penelope Dimworth..A psychologist
Clown Austin..Austin as a clown
Clown Charlie..Charlie as a clown
Clown Alice..Alice as a clown
Clown Clint..Clint as a clown
Anibal Specter..A Cowboy
Vanessa Van Helvansing..An adventurer
Vann Van Helvansing..An adventurer
Vance Van Helvansing..An adventurer
Vandan Van Helvansing..An adventurer
Dambe Capoeira..A ninja
Herman Knit..An old man with no pants.. probably
Herman Slink..A scarier version of Herman Knit
Pete Haney..A farmer
Bess Haney..A pig
Betts Haney..A farmers
Mostly Max..A nerd
Kelly Cassidy..A cheerleader
Dane Shawson..A ‘personality’
Davis Pauls..A man on the Road to Acedia
Adrian Pauls..A man on the Road to Acedia
Glash Fordham..A True Original
Sammy Reddeck..A woman hiding in a carriage